Vish Purgass Mugshot

Vish Purgass

Digital Art Director

Vish is a multi-disciplinary designer, self starting generalist, creative and strategic thinker, entrepreneurial minded and a global citizen. He has worked across a broad range of digital and non-digital projects and has cultivated an approach to design where he considers every project holistically. He has over 13 years creating for web, digital, print, fashion and more in the offices of global ad agencies and small boutique design studios in the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Originally from the UK, Vish is a well travelled individual with a passion for culture and adventure. He is a recent transplant to Nunavut and comes with a fresh outlook and worldview. Very quick to switch from tourist to local mode wherever he sets foot.

Vish loves good food, cooking, adventure sports and working on his side projects.