Lianne Plamondon

Lianne Plamondon

Senior Designer

A graphic designer with a knack for illustration, Lianne is formally trained with a Bachelor of Visual Communications Design from the Alberta College of Art+Design. She is bilingual in both French and English and has been working in communications and advertising in the North since 2016, working on many of our tourism-related and illustration-focused work – with stunning results.

Lianne is a diverse thinker, designer, and collaborator with expertise in creating meaningful connections between brands and their audience, Her work is a constant exploration of typography, imagery and illustration, answering design problems with honest solutions. Yes, bad kerning does keep her up at night.

Lianne enjoys working with Outcrop because of the diversity of projects she’s involved in, from illustrations to branding to web design, for all sorts of clients. “I’ve learned so much about NWT culture through our clients, I love supporting local business and fostering growth in the North.”

Lianne is fuelled by the great outdoors, team sports, spontaneous travel, and snacks. Lots of snacks.