Northwest Territories Tourism

The new content marketing strategy we’re undertaking for NWT Tourism required a very special site. It had to provide big, attractive lure pieces. It had to allow non-technical staff to constantly update it twice a day with multimedia content and stories. It had to provide maps, tabs, attractions, packages, ads and other interactive features to help visitors plan their trips. It had to be filled with statistics, metrics and reporting to help us constantly improve our approach. It had to juggle hundreds and hundreds of pages in an easy-to-use navigational structure. And it had to seamlessly integrate some 400 operators within it, allowing them to administer their own information and be moderated by NWTT staff.

The new version of this site went live in the new year, and it’s been acclaimed as one of the best provincial tourism sites in Canada. Our storytelling approach, our developing media library, and our social media tie-ins have quadrupled website traffic, and it’s still climbing skywards.