Doug Johnston

Doug Johnston

Chief Digital Officer

After working with Parks Canada, and in various turns as a horticulturist, writer, programmer, photographer, translator, videographer and herbalist (!), Douglas landed his first job as a Creative Director in a digital agency in 1995, soon working his way up to the Director of Multimedia for Atlantic Canada’s (then) largest marketing agency, the Bristol Group. Here he produced two generations of the Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism website, along with several associated video and television projects.

Since the early ’90s, he has produced many hundreds of websites and multimedia projects, several of which have won industry awards.

In his twelve years at Outcrop, he’s been the lead producer and architect of sites such as the appropriately-named SpectacularNWT, the entire Government of Nunavut website superstructure, and the comprehensive NWT Parks website and campgrounds reservation system. Other projects span small tourism operators, First Nations, all levels of government, and various cultural and educational projects.

Besides producing websites, Douglas also handles group facilitation, research, digital marketing, SEO, and integrated solutions. He holds degrees in English, French and Education.

When he’s not running Outcrop’s interactive division, he likes to digital-detox with hiking, gourmet cooking, acoustic guitar, film photography, fountain pens, vinyl records, sketchbooks, typewriters, and sundry other ancient artifacts that leave his son mystified.