GNWT / Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Faced with the problem of luring hundreds of newcomers to the NWT, the campaign under Outcrop focused on a new Drupal website covering all the key questions that potential workers ask, along with a starting place to find highly skilled jobs via partners and communities. The site features included an automated “featured jobs” board for skilled and professional positions as posted by various partner organizations. Job seekers can also sign up for alerts, to be notified when opportunities matching their interests are posted, and even apply for those jobs online. 

The site was an unmitigated success, and within eight months of the campaign, we lured over 88,000 unique visitors, far greater than the total of all previous years combined, and amassed a database of 1155 workers eager to be alerted of new jobs. 

This site was completely responsive, working on both modern smartphones and tablets.


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