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This week we learned: Samsung gets sassy and Twitter releases 280 characters for all!

Welcome back and congratulations once again for making it to Friday. Oof what a week, eh? And as much as every revelation of some big shot such-and-such abusing his position of power makes us want to scream, there's still work to be done! And no, we don't mean dismantling the patriarchy, but yes that too. Here's what we're reading and watching this week:

Are research and data "soul-sucking creativity-killers?" Of course not! Just because your process is informed, doesn't mean you take all the fun and personality out of it. Regardless of whether you're consulting a spreadsheet or simply taking stock of personal experiences and anecdotes, you can't be creative without data.

Back in September, Twitter announced it was giving select users access to 280 characters and on Wednesday, they made it available to everyone! Have you used it? Did you notice? During the trial period, Twitter found that only 5% of tweets went longer than 140 anyway. Here are a few of the ways people and brands made use of their expanded character limit. 

Samsung's latest ad for its flagship Galaxy phone sets its sights squarely on the Apple fanboys. Are you an iPhone loyalist who doesn't know why they keep lining up for the latest iteration despite great innovation from iPhone competitors? Even the title, "Growing up," is full of snark. Shots fired!

Tell us where to get these relaxation pods. They'd surely boost office productivity.. or at least morale. 

And yes, we know, the holiday ads are coming out in full force. Seen any that especially tugged on the ol' heartstrings? Let us know! Find us on Facebook and Twitter.