relaxing into a couch

This week we learned: Instagram early adopters move to Facebook, clean labels make sales and a couch that's good for nothing

Hello and happy Friday. Aside from coming up with creative solutions for our clients, one of our favourite topics around the office is snacks. And while yes we consume our fair share of gummies and such, we also enjoy the healthy clean ingredient kind. Apparently so do a lot of people. A recent Nielsen report shows packaging that highlights a product's "clean" attributes can boost its sales. And even if we're talking "indulgent" snacks like ice cream and candy, consumers still want to know exactly what they're eating. Now, pass us the fuzzy peaches, which almost certainly contain no peaches. 

When Instagram first announced ads, many smaller brands got onboard as Instagram posts weren't beholden to the dreaded Facebook algorithm. But now, as ad rates for Instagram stories increase, early adopters to the ad format are moving over to Facebook, where ad space is cheaper. Small advertisers like flight-booking app Hopper bought ads on Instagram Stories because they were "cheaper and more efficient" than other options, but now that cost for ad space is rising, the little guys are getting creative. 

Speaking of Facebook ads, we're very intrigued by this Facebook Creative Shop "Create to Convert" framework. It is designed to add lightweight motion to still images in order to create effective video ads. We will be trying this out out. 

While I am no way in the market for a new couch, I'm feeling very seen by these ads from sofa startup Burrow. They know we want our couches to do nothing, especially at the end of the week. 

How do you relax on a Friday night if not by caterpillaring into a couch?  Let us know. You can reach us Twitter @outcropcom  or Facebook Outcrop Communications.