maximizing vertical space with cupcakes

This week we learned: How to master vertical video, Facebook makes moves with Marketplace & what's Apple announcing in September

Hello and happy last long weekend of the summer. If you haven't noticed the leaves and tundra changing colour and the reappearance of pumpkin spice latte memes populating your Facebook newsfeed, fall is in the air. With fall comes the start of the school year and all kinds of exciting new starts (and campaigns!). Let's start with some inspiring content creators designing for mobile devices:

"The best thing for composing properly in 9:16 is not starting with 16:9. Use the vertical format’s constraints from the get go. We’d really like people to do the mental gymnastics themselves to find ideas that would be amusing to look at vertically. It requires a new way of working and you have to force yourself to forget everything you did previously."

We've all (?) heard it by now: Vertical video is on the up and up. It's how we consume media now so it only makes sense. If you're looking for how to make the most of a 9:16 aspect ratio, take a look at these creative storytellers.

Get ready to see Kylie Cosmetics or of the other 600,000 merchants using Shopify on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has offered ad space on Marketplace since June, but it currently "seems more like a Craigslist than an Amazon," says associate director of paid social at Huge, Mark Sytsma. But getting more inventory on Marketplace from big names could change all that. Have you placed any ads with Facebook Marketplace? 

What is the XS??? Grab the nearest Apple fanboy/girl/person and they can probably tell you. Apple's next iPhone event will take place September 12, but some key details have leaked: Tech reporters are predicting three new iPhones, two of which could be called iPhone XS and probably comes in gold. Also, there will be facial recognition software.

And for a good wholesome cry going into the long weekend (yes please, always), and a good reminder not to take the simple things for granted, enjoy this beautiful little video created for National Beach Day -- foster kids seeing the beach for the first time. 

Now get out there and enjoy the end of summer! Embrace it! Jump in a lake! What's inspired you lately? Let us know. Find us on Twitter @outcropcom and Facebook Outcrop Communications.