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This week we learned: How Brands are leveraging the Royal Wedding & how to build an Insta-Whopper

Hello again and welcome to the unofficial kick-off to the Canadian summer! This year, in addition to all the standard May 2-4 excitement -- booked camp sites, open patios, oodles of gardening -- we also have a royal wedding taking place! Whether or not the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle means anything to you, a lot of brands have jumped on board with Royal Wedding tie-ins. Some make sense, kinda, but most just leave us scratching our fascinators. 

Now, as citizens of Canada's North with a taste for fried chicken, we can totally see how a "Kentucky Fine China" bucket might be something handy to have around the house, but inspired by Meghan Markle's engagement chicken? Ehhhhh..... 

We're into this Velveeta Crowns and Cheese spot and find it weird that Sodastream is giving its bottles miniature royal hats, but respect the effort. Campbell's Royal Wedding soup? Sure! Can't even with the others on this list though. Jewel-encrusted bottle of ranch dressing? 


Now if you please, pass us the Ginger and Sparkle parsnip crisps, we need something to munch on with this rosé apple cider teacup cider.

In non-Harry and Meghan brand news, but sticking to this inadvertent royal junk food theme, Burger King created nine Instagram stories inviting users to pick their favourite toppings in a poll, which then generated a unique coupon sent through DM to then redeem a free, customized Whopper. The Insta-Whopper. 

And finally, Twitter has taken on a new troll strategy: The platform says that a new algorithm will detect suspicious activity and make their tweets less visible in conversations and search results. Suspicious behaviour includes not having a verified email address, opening up multiple accounts at the same time and repetitive tweets aimed at a user who doesn't follow/tweet back. Will it work? Guess we have to wait until the next major election to find out... 

That's all from us this week. Enjoy your long weekend whether or not that includes an early wake-up tomorrow morning to take in the royal festivities! Let us know which if any bizarre royal wedding snacks you'll be indulging in: @outcropcom on Twitter and Outcrop Communications on Facebook.